High Schools International Junior Summer 2016 Programme – Newtown

Students can embrace the opportunity of a lifetime with the Newtown Summer Junior Residential programme.

High Schools International provides the chance to have an unforgettable summer adventure in Ireland as students learn English in Ireland’s oldest city – Waterford.  The private modern high school, Newtown, with its local surrounding medieval charm presents international teens a perfect environment to make new friends from all over the world and create friendships that will last a lifetime.

For up to four weeks in July, 2016, students can stay in full board accommodation and partake in highly interactive English language lessons. The carefully crafted syllabus is combined with multiple fun and energetic activities throughout the day such as sports, dance, music, drama, games, or arts. The entertainment isn’t confined to just the school as excursions to popular attractions take place each week to discover the charm of Ireland’s cheerful and colourful culture.

Newtown is located in the sunny South East of Ireland in Waterford, a county rich with scenic landscapes, valleys, coastal lines and historical buildings and castle ruins. This creates a memorable setting for teenagers to mix English language learning with a summer experience to long be treasured that will help shape their futures.