General English GE‑15General English GE‑20General English GE‑25General English GE‑30
Course Hours9:00–12:15
Elective Choices14:15–16:45
Mon/Wed or Tue/Thurs
1-3 Weeks€160 p/w€210 p/w€265 p/w€320 p/w
4-7 Weeks€155 p/w€205 p/w€260 p/w€315 p/w
8 Weeks€1,120€1,440€1,840€2,240
12 Weeks€1,620€2,136€2,556€3,000
16 Weeks€2,112€2,816€3,408€3,984
25 Weeks€2,925€4,000€4,925€5,850
26+ Weeks€115 p/w€160 p/w€195 p/w€230 p/w
GE25 & GE30 Elective Courses
Conversation ClassesBusiness EnglishExam Preparation
Exam Preparation
IELTS. Cambridge Exams (FCE/CAE etc.) TIE. TOEFL.

NOTE: Maximum number of students per class – Adults: 15 (average 10-11): Teaching hours are 60 minutes in the morning and 55 minutes in the afternoon. Standard GE15 Course is 15 contact hours per week. Standard GE20 Course is 20 contact hours per week. Students receive their first Course Book free at the start of their course. All courses commence every Monday.

Social Activities: DCI organises a range of free afternoon and evening activities around Dublin that students can join. Please contact us for more information.

18.30-20.30 Mon-Thursday, 2-8 hours p/weg. €160 for 4 weeks, 4 hours p/w
One-to-One Sessions
€60 per hour
Registration Fee€50
Airport Pick Up€90
Medical Insurance€110

Airport Transfers: An airport transfer on arrival can be arranged for homestay accommodation. The cost is €90 (only available on arrival). Taxis are available outside the airport building.

Medical Insurance: Medical Insurance can be arranged for approximately €110 per annum. Citizens of European Union countries should bring their European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) with them Prices are subject to change.

Learner Protection: DCI is fully accredited by ACELS, a service of Quality and Qualifications Ireland, and an approved member of MEI. This seal of approval grants students Learner Protection.

Registration and Course Book: A mandatory €50 is required for registration fees and for a standard DCI course work book.

CourseDetails1 Week2 Weeks3 Weeks4 Weeks5 Weeks
August Junior Prep Course
(Ages: 13–17)
20 Hours20 p/w
Newtown Summer Junior Residential Programme15 Hours p/w

August Junior Prep Course (Age: 13–17): Runs in August. Host family Accommodation, Dublin Travel Pass, Airport Transfers, and Excursions are included in the package price. Students carrying on after with the HSI school programme will partake in a Residential Orientation Day (Orientation: €100).

Newtown Summer Junior Residential Programme (Age: 11-17): Runs in July. On Campus Accommodation, Three Daily Meals, Daily Activities, and Weekly Excursions are included in the package price.

Host Family Half-Board
€190 per week single room
Host Family Self-Catering
€125 per week single room

Accommodation is arranged with a carefully selected family upon request. Accommodation is available for the duration of the week and options include:

Half-board: Rate per week: €190. Half-board includes bed, breakfast and dinner.

Self-catering: Rate per week: €125. Self-catering is limited and subject to availability.

Minimum period two weeks. No refunds will be made if a student makes alternative arrangements during this time. No allowance will be made for absence from the family during the time arranged or for late arrival or early departure. Single rooms are subject to availability.