What DCI Offers!

At DCI, we have a range of General English language courses at all levels, from Beginner to Advanced (A1 – C2). Our courses are designed to develop your functional language and integrated skills by creating real-life communication scenarios. All our General English courses contain elements of integrated general exam preparation and cultural awareness.

Your teachers at DCI will monitor your progress throughout your course so you can develop your studies to gain the English language skills you desire. This will allow you to adapt to any English-speaking environment, to do what you need to do and go where you want in the English language.

There is a detailed syllabus for each level with course book and supplementary materials. The course book can be bought or borrowed. For all our morning lessons, one hour of class = a full 60 minutes of tuition. (The 15 minute coffee break between class is not included as part of your class time.) As part of our afternoon programme, we have class specific exam preparation, Business English and conversation classes.

DCI English language courses

Arrival at DCI

New students are welcomed and introduced to the school.

Entry Test

Each student takes a level test on arrival and is also given a speaking assessment, which allows our academic staff to assess the student’s level of English and place him/her in the appropriate class.

Welcome Pack

Every student receives a welcome pack, which includes:

  • DCI Student Handbook
  • Maps & information about Dublin & Ireland
  • Level test & information about DCI school
  • Individual Needs Analysis Test

Testing & Exams

Students are tested at the end of every two-week period and teachers monitor progress on a daily basis. We conduct mid-course Needs Analysis Assessments to provide feedback and to allow any necessary changes to the syllabus. There is an Exit Test and all students will be awarded a school certificate on successful completion of the course. At DCI we prepare students for IELTS, Cambridge, TIE and other international exams.

Students will be awarded a school certificate on successful completion of the course.

General English & Exam Preparation Courses

General English GE-15

General English
Minimum of 1 Week
15 Hours per Week

General English GE-20

General English
Minimum of 1 Week
20 Lessons Per Week

General English GE-25

General English
Minimum of 1 Week
25 Lessons per week

General English GE-30

General English
Minimum of 1 Week
30 Hours per Week

English Classes

One-to-One Sessions

English Classes
Minimum of 1 Class
One Class

Evening Classes

Evening Classes
5 Hours of Tuition per Week for Four Weeks
2 Lessons per Week