DCI Book Club – Aonghus Reviews Skippy Dies

“Skippy Dies” is both comedy and tragedy, set in a very dysfunctional modern Ireland.

The backdrop is the prestigious private Catholic school ‘Seabrook College’ and the book begins with the death of one of the book’s heroes – Daniel “Skippy” Juster – during a doughnut eating competition. We then go back to figure out the series of events that lead up to this tragedy.

The story focuses on the relationships between friends, classmates and teachers who all have parts to play in the ultimate tragedy. Along with Skippy, the main characters are Skippy’s best friend Ruprecht, a socially awkward computer genius. Lori, the love interest, Howard the Coward, the disillusioned History teacher and Carl, the school bully who is a borderline psychopath.

The book is quite long and can at times seem far fetched, and also deals with some sensitive subjects but overall it’s very enjoyable and surprising. You’ll find the pages pass with ease as you attempt to untangle the complex series of events that lead to Skippy’s ultimate demise.


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