DCI Book Club Reviews Testaments Betrayed: An Essay in Nine Parts.

Milan Kundera’s Testaments Betrayed, A Novel in Nine Parts tells how an author’s intention is so important, and that only the works he wanted published should be read as he left them.

A major example is Max Brod, who ignored Kafka’s written wishes that his personal letters, diaries, and drafts be destroyed. Brod loved Janacek and Kafka, he loved them for the essential, their art. But he did not understand that art and by doing his best to free them from their social isolation, he confirmed their aesthetic aloneness. The wishes of artists have been betrayed by translators, countries, publisher’s composers and friends, the artists request for simplicity and for their work to be represented as they intended is often ignored.

Kundera defends the moral rights of the artists and provides interesting readings of Cervantes, Hemingway, Rabelais Kafka, Mann, Musil and appreciation for the music of Stravinsky and Janacek.

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