DCI Junior Summer Programme 2016

The summer is officially over and autumn has crept in. The leaves will soon begin to fall, but what it means for Dublin Cultural Institute is that our August Junior Prep Summer Programme has come to an end.

Our Junior Students spent the final summer month learning English in Dublin. We had a varied group of excited teenagers join us at Dublin Cultural Institute, from our Little Italian Brothers, an impressive triathlete, a skilled gymnast and a rising internet sensation. The young group of different nationalities made a collection of memories together while getting to experience what it was like living and studying in the centre of the city.


These enthusiastic teenagers decided to participate in our very first Junior Prep Summer Programme for different reasons – to see what it was like to develop their English skills in Ireland and to prepare for their High Schools International school term programme. Whatever their reason, each of them had an experience of a lifetime as they made new friends while living in Ireland.

We’ll miss our Juniors as we say goodbye and their youthful enthusiasm to get involved in everything. From the DCI Taste Off, exploring Dublin on our DCI Friday Excursions, watching movies in the school’s Cinema Room, and embracing Ireland’s cultural differences and everything Dublin had to offer, meant that we were able to create a collection of memories together.

We can’t wait to see each and every single one of you again.