DCI Taste Test

There were heated debates in the centre of Dublin last Friday when DCI’s Taste Test took place in Ireland’s capital city. DCI’s students and teachers gathered inside the English language school to contest different brands in a blind taste test to see which brand tasted supreme.


The teachers at Dublin Cultural Institute are avid tea drinkers. Some won’t even start their English classes before having a morning cup of tea or even two. So you’d think our English teachers would be able to taste the difference between Barry’s & Lyons in the blind tea tasting test. They were confident in their tea knowledge, however, only Mark could lay claim to being the ultimate tea drinker as he guessed correctly which tea he was drinking while both Ian’s and Aonghus’s taste buds let them down.

Tea simply can’t be drunk without biscuits so the Irish Jaffa Cakes and British Jaffa Cakes were put to the test. The Irish reigned supreme with the students and teachers unanimously agreeing that Ireland’s Jaffa Cakes were nicer, and it wasn’t only just biscuits. The Irish Glenisk Yogurt was also chosen ahead of the French brand, Yoplait.


Dublin Cultural Institute’s students chose TK Red Lemonade over Club Orange but opinions were divided when it came to selecting between Kimberley biscuits and Mikados. The heated exchange went back and forth as students and teachers were unable to reach an agreement on which was nicer. Eventually DCI’s English teacher and peacekeeper, Ana, had to step in to settle the argument. Ana chose Mikados and with her decision, peace descended over the English language school once again.


With a stomach full of tea and biscuits and happy with their choices, the DCI students left Dublin Cultural Institute on the DCI excursion to visit Christchurch Cathedral.