DCI's Social Side

DCI’s Social Side includes a Social and Cultural Programme that allow you to explore Dublin’s rich history and culture right from the very centre of the city.

There are so many interesting things to explore in Dublin and that’s why we set up varied activities so that you can practice the English you learn outside the classroom within a vibrant capital city setting.

We believe in having fun while creating memories so our weekly activities, tours and visits that we plan throughout the year are almost an essential part of our English course that allows you to learn all about your location while making new friends.

DCI Book Club

As avid readers it’s only natural that we have our own book club. We also run a ‘swap shop’ where students can discover new books to read.

DCI Film Club

We have a state-of-the-art projection system in the school and every Friday afternoon we arrange a Cinema Afternoon featuring English movies and documentaries with free popcorn!

Social Club

Our Cultural Clubs also allow you to learn about your classmates and where they’re from as we host fun activities like International Food Days. The ‘What’s On’ E-Notice Board makes sure you don’t miss a thing.

Dublin Cultural Institute

At Dublin Cultural Institute (DCI) we have been teaching English to international students since 2004. We have developed and established a reputation as one of Dublin’s leading English language schools thanks to our ideal location, professionally qualified and experienced English teachers, modern facilities, and a strong course syllabus, all tailored to improve and develop the fluency in your English.
Dublin Cultural Institute
Dublin Cultural Institute21 hours ago
#FridayFeeling Ryuichi Sakamoto 🎹@ryuichisakamoto 🎄Merry Christmas, Mr Lawrence 🎄 simple but powerful melody full of emotion #anemoia #nostalgia #Masterpiece ❤️
Dublin Cultural Institute
J군의 플레이리스트
Ryuichi Sakamoto - Merry Christmas, Mr Lawrence (LIVE)
Dublin Cultural Institute
Dublin Cultural Institute2 days ago
#tbt 1997 #TheSeahorses - Love is the Law - Album: Do It Yourself
Played a blinder at Glastonbury that year 💥
Dublin Cultural Institute
Manchester Music
The Roses split in about 96 ,The band had been falling apart years before that with the drummer Reni leaving first. The Roses were meant to be playing Glastonberry but squire broke his arm in a mountain bike acccident,They pulled out and PULP took their place and smashed it. Squire left the Roses and formed the SEAHORSES using a busker from YORK callled Chris Helme and also a bassist from the same city called Stewart Fletcher. The album Do It yourself was great and got many good reviews, I think Squire indulged a bit too much in his guitar solo's. My opinion is that Helme wrote the best tracks on the album especially Blinded by the sun was a great track.Liam Gallagher appears in some form on the track Love me and leave me. They split after this album but released demo tracks of the second album can be found on the net ,Love is the law was supposedly meant to be a roses track ,it has the feel of it
Dublin Cultural Institute
Dublin Cultural Institute2 days ago
#brexitcast - plenty to read and listen to if you’re trying to get your head round last night
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