Host Family Accommodation

Dublin Cultural Institute offers its students host family accommodation.

One of the most important factors considered when DCI selected their host families was their level of friendliness and all our host families possess the famed Irish hospitality in abundance to make any student feel welcome to Ireland. DCI have developed strong relationships with our host families who have been carefully chosen by DCI after being inspected and approved by the Accommodation Officer.

Our Accommodation Officer keeps in regular contact with both families and students in order to get feedback from them. Any complaints from either party are dealt with by the Accommodation Officer. We offer both full-board and self-catering options. Please note that self-catering is not offered by many families and therefore it is subject to availability.

Newtown Dorm1 2012


€125 per Week (depending on availability)

Self-Catering accommodation comprises a single room in a friendly Irish home. The student prepares their own meals, which is ideal for students who like to go out and explore different Dublin’s various eateries or those who prefer to prepare their own food. It offers a sense of freedom for students while still getting to stay in an English speaking home as they search for long term accommodation options.




Hostel accommodation is an appealing option for those who want to study English in Dublin with other travellers/students on a budget. Past DCI students have met future flat mates in hostels. However, students who consider hostel accommodation must be prepared that there is limited privacy available as shared dorms can have as much as 24 beds, which means their personal property is exposed.

There are hostels in Dublin that are popular with DCI students because of their close proximity due to our central location. For example, the Abbey Court Hostel is right next to the school and they offer free breakfast to their guests. Here are list of recommended hostels:



€160+ per Week (depending on room type)

DCI does offer limited places throughout the year at Residence accommodation but this is subject to availability. It is a more likely option during the summer months but if we were given enough notice then we could look into the possibility. The available residence options are located approximately 25 minutes away by foot from the school.