What are the Benefits of Studying English at Dublin Cultural Institute?

It’s the first week back at Dublin Cultural Institute after the holidays and there’s chatter in the halls again as our students come back to class with stories to tell. We’ve greeted 2017 with optimism (do you like our office’s fresh flowers?) and we can’t wait to meet all of the new faces this year and hear all of their stories. To help you, our potential new student, decide to move to Ireland and choose to learn English with us, we’ve outlined 5 benefits why to study English at Dublin Cultural Institute is the right move for you.


You Learn a New Language

This is the obvious benefit of studying English at Dublin Cultural Institute. You get to learn a new language, and knowing General English is an invaluable skill to have in today’s interacting, media driven and socially engaged world. We highlighted how essential it is to know English in our previous blog post about the importance of having Business English to further your career.

Ireland is an Easy Place to Move to

There are a number of factors to consider when you’re thinking of moving to another country. A constant worry is that you might not be able to settle in to your new surroundings, but that’s not usually a problem for those who move to Dublin. Because of Ireland’s famed Irish hospitality and DCI’s staff willingness to help, all of our students have found it easy to adjust to life in Dublin.


You get to Study in the City Centre of Dublin


Another benefit is that Dublin Cultural Institute is located in the very centre of Dublin. All of the public transportation routes are connected to us, making it a convenient place to combine study while you’re working. Because of our English school’s perfect location, which is right next to Dublin’s best cafes and restaurants, DCI is an ideal place to learn English, and to get a great coffee!

You get Taught by the Very Best

Dublin Cultural Institute is a language school that does everything by the book. This is a benefit to you because our dedication to being the best provides you with a great education. Our teachers at DCI take pride in the fact they deliver a thorough and extensive curriculum that does more than just cover the basics of the English language. Each module, from General English, Business English and our Exam Preparation Courses, delivers to students everything they need to know to become fluent speakers.

You Learn the Culture of Ireland

We are an English language school, but we are more than just a perfectly located city centre school with teachers who provide a great education. We also make learning the Irish culture and exploring the city a part of our syllabus. Our students get to interact with each other in a social setting through class parties while exploring Dublin’s nightlife, and go on weekly excursions to Dublin’s main tourist attractions and scenic coastline walks.