Why Learning Business English is Best for Business

Travelling is an ever increasingly growing trend among young people and professionals. Recent studies have been released showing that the latest generation of employees expect and will work and live in new environments on a regular basis. Sometimes relocating as much as once every six months for work. Skilled employees therefore, must be able to adapt to ever changing challenges, so it is in their best interest to have universal skills.

People today travel regularly for pleasure and for work.
People today travel regularly for pleasure and for work.

A useful and essential skill for any travelling professional is the ability to speak English. The English language is the most common language used in conducting business. It is also highly adventurous to know when travelling due to the language’s widespread knowledge. Many people are coming to Dublin to work and live because Dublin has become a vibrant and growing city within Ireland. It is a prime destination for young professionals around the world to choose to relocate to due to an ever increasing amount of the world’s leading technological companies setting up offices and establishing their European headquarters in Ireland.

Therefore, being able to speak English is vital to working in Dublin as English is Ireland’s first language. Dublin Cultural Institute is an English language school that offers Business English modules where the classes are designed to engage with students in business settings so that they can learn the fundamentals of communicating effectively within an office environment. We’re also located right in the centre of the city, meaning that not only do we have great coffee available to us wherever we turn, but we’re easy to get to from work or to get to work from.

So if you’re moving to Dublin, or have moved to Dublin, and need to learn English to make working in Ireland easier, contact us to enquire about what the most suitable English language programme for you would be.

Dublin's Grand Canal area is a growing and thriving modern business district