DCI Film Club

Fans of the big screen can immerse themselves in motion picture classics and masterpieces with the DCI Film Club.

Action, comedy, romance and holiday themed movies are all shown here at Dublin Cultural Institute because we love all types of movies. Students are invited to gather in our Cinema Room as a fun exercise to improve their English. We’ll supply the popcorn.

Dublin Cultural Institute doesn’t just screen English language movies for Film Club. We are a language school and a cultural school that embraces different cultures, so we run a variety of International Film Weeks. German, French, Italian, Chinese, Spanish, and many more, are shown with English subtitles so that students can improve their English while experiencing the culture of another nation.

The DCI Film Club’s cinema room allows students to gather right in the centre of Dublin to watch popular movies. Listening is a great way to improve your English, but you don’t have to just listen. You can laugh together, watch wide-eyed with one another, and share opinions with each other. The DCI Film Club is a social activity for our students to use to have fun, make friends and to develop their English language skills that they’re learning at one of Dublin’s best language schools.