DCI – The Place to Make 2017 Your Year

Happy New Year to all!

It feels like it was only a short time ago that we were preparing for 2016. Where did the year go? And now we’re all returning from our indulgent holiday breaks (some more indulgent than others) and making our lists of resolutions so that 2017 is an even better year.

There’s a common top five list of New Year resolutions people usually make, and while learning English in Dublin isn’t usually one people write down, we argue that maybe it should be.

We’ve looked at the data pulled from Google by iQuanti to see what the most popular New Year’s resolutions are, and we believe learning English at Dublin Cultural Institute can help with all of them.

  • Get Healthy – Dublin Cultural Institute is an English language school that’s located right in the centre of the city. Because of our prime location, our students can walk and cycle to our school, meaning they get to exercise every day. There’s also healthy artisan eateries located throughout Dublin city, so our students always have plenty of healthy eating options to choose from.
  • Live Life to the Fullest – Our city centre location means we’re right in the thick of the action. This vibrant city is full of cafes, restaurants, bars, and nightclubs, so learning at Dublin Cultural Institute means there’s always a great work / life balance.
  • Learn New Hobbies – We’re an English language school, so our philosophy is to learn. We have a strong emphasis on cultural learning here at Dublin Cultural Institute, with opportunities for our students through our book and film clubs and weekly excursions to Dublin’s top attractions. Our city centre location also means that we’re close to a range of different clubs and activities available in Dublin.
  • Travel – See the world and explore new places is on everyone’s bucket list, so why not combine learning English with your travel bug by travelling to Ireland and living abroad in a new country in Ireland’s capital city, Dublin? We’ll help you settle in to life in Ireland by assisting you with accommodation
  • Read More – Dublin is a perfect city to live in if you want to read more. Ireland is a country renowned for its association with literature, and we have a book club at Dublin Cultural Institute.

Dublin Cultural Institute is the perfect place to be during 2017 for anyone with a top 5 New Year resolution list. We’re just the platform for anyone looking to make this their year.