The Festive Season Lights Up Dublin

We love Christmas here at Dublin Cultural Institute!

One of the reasons why we love it so much and always try to have so much fun here at DCI during the holidays is because we are just so inspired to do so with Christmas time being such a wondrous time to be living in Dublin.

Ireland’s capital city is a popular tourist destination throughout the year because it’s an ever growing cosmopolitan city in a country renowned for its bustling nightlife, welcoming nature, inspiring culture, and breath-taking scenery.

Adding Christmas to all of this is like adding a red ribbon to a neatly wrapped present because Dublin becomes even more vibrant and inspiring during the festive season.

Since our Dublin based English language school is located right in the centre of the city, we’re practically awash with cheerful colours thanks to all of the decorations adorning Dublin’s premium shopping streets. Our students always comment on how beautiful Dublin looks over Christmas.

Many of DCI’s students travel to Ireland with the intention of learning English while working and during the Christmas period, a lot of our students are working hard because extra hours are required at their jobs. Most of our students also stay in Dublin for the holiday season. Therefore, at DCI, we make sure we do our part in adding a festive cheer to our students so that they don’t get homesick or overworked by ending the year with a joyful classroom Christmas party full of plenty of food and present giving.

Happy Christmas, everyone!

Pictures of Dublin are regrams by @dublinbynight, @discoverdublin, @dublintown_, and @fallonandbyrne.