General English GE-25

he 25 hour programmes cover all the areas included in the GE15 & GE20 courses PLUS they allow students to have an afternoon Elective Module (Conversation & Fluency, Examination Preparation or Business English) class twice a week from Monday – Thursday.

CATEGORY: General English

DURATION: Minimum of 1 week

GROUP SIZE: Average of 11 – 12 students per lesson

COURSE START: Every Monday

LESSONS: 25 hours per week

MINIMUM AGE: 17 years


TIME: 09:00 – 10:45          COURSE FOCUS: Course Book

Module 1 – The first class tends to be book-work focused with emphasis on grammar, vocabulary and developing the four main skills – Speaking, Writing, Reading, and Listening.


TIME: 11:00 – 12:15          COURSE FOCUS: Course Book & Practice

Module 2 – Provides students with the opportunity to improve their confidence and enthusiasm through participation in free-practice activities, projects, task-based learning and cultural discussions.


TIME: 12:30 – 13:30          COURSE FOCUS: Skills and Language in Context

Module 3 – These lessons focus on specific language skill areas such as: pronunciation, functional language, writing skills, register, cultural context, learning strategies and more.


TIME: 14:15 – 16:45          COURSE FOCUS: Elective Modules

Module 4 – A choice of Elective Modules* are offered in the GE25 English course and these specialist programmes allow students to focus on key areas of English.

A) Exam Preparation: Students can prepare for major English exams including IELTS, Cambridge and TIE.

B) Conversation Classes: These classes develop students’ spoken fluency through debate, discussion and presentations.

C) Business English: Business classes help students engage with the fundamentals of effective English business communication.

*Choice of Elective may depend on availability