Goodbye, Luisina.

It’s always hard to say goodbye to our students when they decide the time has come to leave us and today was no different as we had to say goodbye to Luisina.

It can be an exciting and scary experience for anyone moving to an unfamiliar foreign country which speaks a different language. So when a student decides to travel to Ireland to learn English and becomes a student at Dublin Cultural Institute, we always do our best to help them settle into Dublin. More importantly, though, we treat them as a member of our DCI family.

We’re lucky that our English language school has a city centre location, which means all of our students are always able to get from school to work easily or can go out and enjoy everything that Dublin has to offer. What we always try to provide, other than just a great location, is a place where the students always feel welcome.

It’s that closeness that we create with our students which makes saying goodbye always a little bit harder when they eventually happen. But, it’s also a good reason to celebrate with lots of food and some singing by DCI teacher, Mark.

We hope you enjoyed your time with us, Luisina. We enjoyed having you and we hope to see you again.