DCI Junior Prep Summer Programme

Teenagers who are preparing themselves for entering a school year term in Ireland can start their adventure early by joining the Junior Prep Summer Programme at Dublin Cultural Institute.

Located right in the centre of Ireland’s capital city, students can start learning English, making friends and experiencing life in Ireland during the month of August right before they start their high school programme in September.


Junior Summer Programmes in Dublin

High Schools International Group has over 25 years’ experience in providing programmes for teenagers and is the guide to making the best choices in overseas education. In addition to closed-groups, group high school integration, and regular high school programmes, we also offer Junior Summer Programmes.

Our local expertise helps provide teenagers an overseas study programme in and outside of the classroom that’s designed so teenagers can develop their English language skills while having fun. The teenage Junior Summer Programmes that we offer are based in Ireland’s vibrant capital city, Dublin with accommodation provided.

Learning English isn’t the only thing you will take away from the Junior Summer Programme. We understand that your teenage years are the years to make lifelong friends, create everlasting memories, laugh until you cry, and smile until your face aches while having unforgettable adventures.

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