Why Learning English Leads to Entertaining Cultural Benefits

Dublin Cultural Institute is an English langue school based in the heart of a cultural and creative city. Ireland is well known throughout the world for producing creative artists of different types, and Dublin is a large source of inspiration and where artistic and cultured minds gather.

DCI is one of the best language schools in Dublin to learn English at because we pride ourselves on not only teaching our students English but having a strong emphasis on learning about the cultural aspect of Dublin. We have regular film screenings in our cinema room, read and discuss enjoyable books and explore Dublin city’s most popular tourist attractions.


It’s important that when students come to us wanting to learn English in Dublin, we combine it with modern mainstream entertainment. This is because the world’s most popular movies, music and books are generally in English, and isn’t it a lot easier to enjoy something when you can understand it? Type Jimmy Kimmel into Youtube, and all of the results of the popular American talk show host are in English, therefore, it would be a struggle for anyone to laugh at his running feud with Matt Damon if you couldn’t understand the insults being traded.


Dublin Cultural Institute wants you to gain more from your English classes than just a language. If you take the time to learn English, then you will give yourself more options to lead a richly entertained life and by immersing in the local Irish culture in Dublin, you can learn to settle in and make the city your home.