Language is “the infinite use of finite means.” – Wilhelm von Humboldt

ONE-TO-ONE Professional English programmes at DCI are driven by the needs of the participants. The specifics of the course syllabus may be negotiated in advance from a range of Professional English options.

These courses are designed to help professionals become more confident and competent in their use of English in a variety of business contexts and situations. Students taking this course will improve both their General English and their Workplace English communication skills.

Students take part in our General English group classes in the morning at their level as well as general Skills and Business English classes focusing on general workplace fluency development.

Afternoon one-to-one training focuses specifically on the needs of the student and their business or industry to help them reach their personal language goals.


  • All students receive a Business English book and DCI course pack as part of their course.

  • Students may participate in project work which is assessed at the end of the course.

  • All students receive an end of course certificate.

  • Students taking these courses may also prepare for the TOEIC (Test of English in International Communication), GMAT (Verbal Section) or BEC exam as an assisted self-study option.

  • Professional English Courses are available on specific dates throughout the year also as Closed Groups or One-to-One options where training.

  • Can focus exclusively on the needs of the participant and their business or industry.