Radio.Garden Curing Homesickness

Dublin Cultural Institute’s students, from time to time, can get a little homesick. We try our best to not let that happen by helping the students adjust to life in Dublin, showing them around the main attractions, offering assistance in finding accommodation in Dublin, however, homesickness does tend to creep in during the holiday season.

For our DCI students who won’t be travelling home, there’s a new website that allows you to stay in touch with a piece of your hometown and reconnect with your local culture. They say that music is the language of the soul and Radio.Garden is an interactive website that streams any radio stations from every country, so whatever language your soul sings, you can now listen to it wherever you are. Such a simple idea, yet this development lets you search the world for any radio stations that you want to listen to.


DCI is an English language school that is based in a historical building within Dublin’s city centre, but we’re modern in our methods and ways of thinking. We embrace whatever the latest technology is, including our city centre high tech cameras that display live streams of Dublin on our website. We think that Radio.Garden is such a fantastic development and so relevant to our students that we’ve decided to make this link a fixture on our own Student Zone page in the Cultural section. Now our DCI students can jump to any radio station they want to whenever they’re browsing through our website.

So if you’re suffering from a bout of homesickness this Christmas, you can find the tonic to help cure those festive blues in whatever language your favourite radio station plays while you learn English in Dublin.