Mission Statement

Dublin Cultural Institute Limited aims to provide quality English language courses to students in a friendly and welcoming environment.

We aim to help students achieve their educational and career goals and be there to support our students during their time in Ireland.


Admissions Policy

Students, irrespective of race, nationality, gender, sexual orientation are welcomed to the Dublin Cultural Institute Limited. All applications are dealt with case by case and it is rare that students may not be accepted.

The school may refuse should there be suspicion that documents presented to GNIB/INIS or Embassy are not genuine or if there is suspicion that the student will not comply with the visa requirements.

Should the school and premises be unable to meet the needs of a student on medical or disability grounds the school may not be able to accept the student. All applicants must inform the school correct information regarding full personal information, course requested, special requests allergies or illness.



All students on programs which are on the internationalisation register or ILEP are required to attend full-time study for 25 weeks for 15 contact hours per week (375 hours).

On arrival at DCI students will receive a timetable showing tuition time and dates. This timetable will include the holiday period they have selected. The student must then attend classes based on the timetable and it must not be altered.

The new minimum attendance of 85% has come into effect since 1st October 2015. Formal Contact hours are:

15 hours per week, Morning Timetable
09:00-12:15 (break time from 10:30-10:45 or 10:45 – 11:00)

15 hours per week, Afternoon Timetable

12.45 – 14.00 (Monday to Thursday)

14.15 – 16.45 (Monday to Thursday)

The attendance is monitored by the Director of Studies and office manager. Failure to maintain an 85% attendance will result in the student receiving a written warning. If the student fails to improve their attendance within two weeks after the first warning the Director of Studies will issue second warning with a copy to GNIB/INIS who may choose to withdraw the visa. The next step may include expulsion. You may not make up for missed/late attendance at the end of your programme as your timetable must be followed.


Illness and Absence

Students must notify the office manager by email on first and subsequent day of every sick leave. The student must produce a medical certificate on return to class. All student absence, whether documented by letter, medical certificate, regardless of reason, will be noted on the student file.

It is the responsibility of the student to supply documentation to GNIB/INIS during renewal process. It is the responsibility of the student to provide satisfactory documentation to GNIB/INIS.



If a student arrives 15 minutes late or who leaves in excess of 15 minutes early for each session will be marked absent for the class segment. If a student is marked late twice consecutively or in the same week the Director of Studies will meet with the student. Students leaving class early for any reason will be marked absent.



Students will receive their timetable during the enrolment process. They will be notified of all public and national holidays. All personal holiday periods must be agreed in advance and marked on the student GNIB registration letter. Holiday periods cannot exceed 1/3 of maximum attendance and cannot be ‘front loaded’. Students cannot take holiday leave until they have been physically present in the school the required time. This includes Christmas, Ramadan and religious and national days. Student timetable, including holidays, must be what is on the GNIB registration letter.


Complaints and Grievances

Should you wish to voice a complaint regarding academic language level, host family, physical surroundings, teacher, peer group, financial or other, please make it known to the following contact: Siobhan Smith: Ssmith@dublinci.com

All complaints are dealt with swiftly in order to resolve all issues students may have. If the complaint is more serious in nature we will follow more formal procedure and students may need to submit a written complaint with as much information as possible. If you are not happy with the outcome after procedure has been followed students can then ask to speak with the Director of studies or the Managing Director.


The Dublin Cultural Institute Limited Emergency Number is 087 389 2229

In Ireland, for a medical, police or fire emergency, call 999.

To notify the school of an emergency or accident, please call 087 389 2229.

To contact this number from abroad you need to add the (+353) international dialing code for Ireland and drop the 0. The number from outside Ireland is as follows +353 87 389 2229 or 00 353 87 389 2229.

Students are advised to keep this number with them at all times prior to and during their travel to Ireland and for the duration of their stay.


End of Course Exams – Non-EAA Nationals Information Sheet

Students end of year course Exams are managed by the Director of Studies and Office Manager.

During the first week at DCI students will meet with the Office Manager and Director of Studies and discuss their full study timetable, information regarding national and personal holidays and course exam. The students will then sign an agreement stating they have been made aware of their course and end of course exam which they must take.

Students will receive assistance in registering for exams.

DCI requires copies of student exam results be shared with the school. The records of results will only be shared with DCI staff, GNIB/INIS or Embassies should they be requested.


Medical Insurance

It is mandatory that all non-EEA students who require a visa be in possession of private medical insurance for the duration of their course. Students can take out their own medicover prior to arrival or DCI can arrange it for €110 through O’Driscoll O’Neil Ltd.European Students should carry their E128 card with them.

DCI cannot be held accountable for medical expenses incurred if a student fails to take medical insurance cover.


Student Refund Policy

Refunds are not given where classes are not attended due to sickness, holidays, etc. Dublin Cultural Institute will not refund students who, for whatever reason, decide to cancel their course after they have started classes. Refunds are not given to students who have been expelled from the school. A refund is only possible where classes, for whatever reason, should fail to form.



All cancellations must be notified in writing. Accommodation fees can only be refunded should the student notify the school 3 weeks in advance. Host Administration fee is not refunded.

Should a student visa be refused DCI will refund fees on receipt of the Visa/Embassy refusal letter. The fees minus administration fee of €300 will be refunded. Bank charges will be deducted from the balance in order to make the transfer. Refund requests should be sent to: info@dublinci.com Refunds will be processed within 3 months of request for refund.